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Rfive Project®

A project promoted by Lurdes Sampaio, at the service of brands to respond to environmental issues, taking into account the principles of the circular economy and focusing on the importance of recycling in the textile universe.

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Lurdes Sampaio

Lurdes Sampaio is a portuguese knitting company founded in 1990, and the leader of Rfive Project, with an extensive experience in the market that combines quality with sustainability and environmental concern. With the sense of solving the high waste of textiles in the fashion world, Lurdes Sampaio created the Rfive Project to give the brands the opportunity to recycle and reuse the waste to give life to new products in a circular economy concept. We provide to the brand and to our collections a new fabric from the recycled textile material pre and pos-consumer with high quality standards, performance and design.


Recutex - Recuperados Têxteis Lda, our recycling partner, was founded in 1968 by Mr. João Valerio Rodrigues Junior, it was born as a family business specialized in all kinds of textile recovery. Bearing in mind the constant upgrading of their infrastructures, technological innovation, flexibility and speed of response, Recutex bets and continually invests in the latest technology to guarantee the quality of our products.


Founded in 1988, Fiavit - Fiação da Vitória, Lda, is the spinning partner that early adopted an attitude of permanent market perception and international trends. Fiavit bets and continually invests in the latest technology to guarantee the quality of their production, including color yarn, that is based on recycled raw materials. This shows the adoption of a cultural environmental concern since the begining.

No Chemicals

We recycle textile material to obtain a new fiber without the use of chemicals.


We can support and share the traceability with our clients since the recycling step until manufacture
All chain information is provided to achieve a truly circular fashion process. We supported this with GRS certification and LCA methodology


Reduction in greenhouse gases


Energy savings



Our certifications demonstrate the quality level that we have archived in the Rfive project.