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Rfive Project®

Project at the service of brands to respond to environmental issues, taking into account the principles of the circular economy and focusing on the importance of recycling in the textile universe.

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Lurdes Sampaio

A portuguese knitting company with extensive experience in the market, it combines quality with a philosophy of sustainability and environmental concern. We provide to the brand and our collections a new knit from the recycled textile material pre and pos-consumer with high patterns of quality, performance and design. The old becomes new.
Promoter of the RFive Project

No Chemicals

We recycle textile material to obtain a new fiber without the use of chemicals.


Reduction in greenhouse gases


Energy savings


In line with the values of the RFive Project, Recutex and Fiavit add value to it with their experience and expertise. Recutex is the largest recycling company in Portugal, and one of the largest in Europe in its sector. Fiavit is the largest recycled material spinning company in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe in its sector.


Our certifications demonstrate the quality level that we have archived in the Rfive project.